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"Number 1: Cash is king.
Number 2: Communicate.
Number 3: Bury the competition."

Jack Welch, General Electric

What's My Home Worth?

Want to know what your house might earn you on today's market?  We are happy to offer your home's fair market value, free of charge, no obligation.  Complete the form below and we will get a a quick Comparative Market Analysis in your hands.

Selling a home in today’s market is no small matter.  Yes, currently the number of buyers exceeds the number available houses.  But that doesn’t exactly mean sellers have all the power.


How you position yourself and present your property in a hungry market will make the difference between success and failure.  It’s not just about putting a sign in a yard, placing a price on the home and praying someone brings an offer.


When you sell, you are stepping into a fierce competition.  And you should never attempt to enter that arena alone. From your protection to your profits,  our strategies and unique touches are proven in earning sellers their highest possible dollar in the quickest amount of time.  We look forward to showing you how.

Choosing the Right Listing Agent

The most UN-successful sellers choose their agents based on two factors:  they proposed the highest list price and they offered a low commission.  Those two things have nothing to do with an agent's understanding of what they're doing and their ability to best serve you. An agent CANNOT tell you how much your house will sell for.  The best approach it a different way.


  • Choose an agent who understands the market, the trends, the comparables and the competition.  Neither the seller nor the agent set the price of the home, the market does.  So make sure you're choosing an agent who proves to you they know how to interpret the market properly. If an agent simply applies the high dollar figure to your home, it's likely they're misleading you just to get your listing.  Pricing is an art.  The right agent will prove they are masters of it.

  • An agent who agrees to cut their commission is not saving you money.  The majority of what a listing agent does involves negotiation.  Cutting commission illustrates their negotiation abilities.  If they are giving away their own money before they even get started, what do you think they're going to do with your money once you're knee-deep and committed.  

  • How does the agent promise to prepare you?  Putting a house on the market in a way that gets you top dollar as quickly as possible takes specific steps and considerations.  An agent worth their salt will handle all these items prior to listing your home.  What you do to prepare your listing will make or break your effort.

  • What's their marketing plan?  How might it be different from others? In today's market, it takes more than a MLS listing and a sign to sell a house at top dollar.  Weigh how they plan to do that for you.

  • How will they communicate progress to you?  A good agent knows that sellers need constant communication.  Make sure you're signing with someone who gets that and has a plan to make it happen.