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"Achievers ALWAYS work from a clear sense of priority."

Gary Keller, Keller Williams

One of the most stressful and significant things you will ever do is buy a house.  It's not for wimps.  It's a complicated process jam packed with uncertainties, obstacles and important decisions. It's likely the biggest financial decision you will ever tackle, so it is critically important to be guided by someone who not only understands the challenges of the process, but embraces that the entire situation is about you.  It requires 100% focus on what's best for you.


You will experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and sometimes within the same 10-minute span.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  To navigate that kind of landscape, you need a sturdy hand and patient coach guiding, leading and protecting you through every step.   I promise with us, you're in the right hands.

Choosing the Right Agent

It's amazing to us how many people choose to enter the real estate market without the guidance of a real-estate agent.  Many buyers don't understand that a seller pays the commission.  So why wouldn't a buyer work with a dedicated agent to coach them through the process!  It's a service that's FREE TO YOU!


  • Make sure your agent is full-time and experienced in completing transactions similar to yours.

  • Interview a few of them and choose the one your gut tells you will work well for your family.  Chemistry is key.

  • Experience is important, but just because an agent has been selling and buyer for decades with thousands of clients does not mean they are the best choice for you.  You don't want to merely become a number for someone who'll pawn you off on less-experienced staff members to handle.  You need dedication to you when you need it, not when they can get around to it.  Choose the person, not their experience.

  • Ask about continuing training.  The market and its methods change frequently.  The best agents are always in a class or seminar learning and growing.  You'd be surprised how many mistakenly think they already know all there is to know.

  • Make sure they understand the trends in the areas you want to live.  You will one day want to sell that property.  Make sure you're being advised to buy in the right areas to make resale lucrative.

  • You need a listener.  It's not enough to just share what you want.  It's critical your agent hears you.  An agent who truly understands your needs will introduce you to properties you may never have considered because of that need.

  • Choose a negotiator.  Most of what an agent does once you find the perfect house is negotiate.  They are negotiating with YOUR money.  Choose a pit bull to be your warrior.  You'll need one.

  • Realtors will look at properties differently that a buyer does.  Make sure you have one whose focus is on keeping you from buying a lemon or a money pit.  Ask them what they look for in a showing.  

  • Look for passion, conviction and honesty.  You want someone who lives and breathes home buying who will tell you all you need to know, especially when you might not want to hear it.

Four-phase Buying Process



Research proves that great anxiety during a real estate transaction mostly comes from a lack of preparation. Our clients don't typically experience the emotional rollercoaster because we've thought of everything that could go wrong and solve those problems before they happen.  We will begin with a preparation phase that will prove we care about you, your family and your money.



Because you're prepared beyond what most realtors will ensure, our strategies for success lays the groundwork for a smooth and focused home search.  You'll likely see 6-10 homes before you find the one.  And what you look for is different than what we focus on.  While you're exercising patience like you didn't know you had, we are focused on your protection.  



This is a period when inventory is historically low.  So, when you find your home and are ready to make an offer, you better believe you won't be alone in trying to win that contract.  You are in an intense competition.  When it comes to negotiating and putting your best offer forward, you don't want a wallflower representing you.  In all the things a realtor does for you, 70% involves negotiation.  Our strategies to win will prove you're protected by pit bulls, not pansies.



You'd be amazed how many contracts fall apart before you get to the closing table and AFTER you've spent a lot of money inspecting the home.  It's the most heartbreaking part of buying a home.  From powerful inspections and effective communication, our systems and methods will not only get you there, but with grace and ease.  We are known for fighting through all the stress on your behalf, so you don't have to.

Our proven methods and systems make sure you are ready and protected as you tackle the best of buying a home.  We have a four-step process that ensures you're informed and ready to fight for the property you want.